Keynote Speakers - Adolfo Cangas

Universidad de Almería

Adolfo Cangas

Adolfo J. Cangas is Full Professor of Psychology at the University of Almeria (Spain). He has carried out multiple publications and research projects related to the benefits of sport in severe mental disorders. He has also organized eight editions of the sporting event called «Tiqui taca for mental health» in Almeria, an activity that annually brings together more than 200 people with mental health problems and which was recognized by the European Parliament, through an Erasmus + project, as an example of good practice in mental health.

Lecture Title: Mental Health, Physical Activity, and Sport: An Area to Discover

About his Lecture: The presentation will discuss the benefits of inclusive sport for mental health, particularly in people with severe mental disorders such as schizophrenia, where sport can be a good tool for social inclusion, improving quality of life and reducing clinical symptoms. It can also lead to significant health savings and is contributing to a shift from the current medical model to a more psychosocial and focused on people’s needs. The difficulties, barriers and adaptations needed to work in this field will be discussed.