Universidad Pablo de Olavide

As an educational space for Higher Education founded in 1997, the Pablo de Olavide University is in service of society and defines itself as a place of reflection and critical thinking committed to contributing to progress, to teaching respect for fundamental rights and public freedoms, to promoting equality between men and women, solidarity and human values, and to responding to the needs and problems of contemporary society.

The University will seek the widest social projection of its activities, offering society channels of collaboration and assistance in order to support and contribute to social, economic and cultural progress. Furthermore, it encourages the participation of its community members to international cooperation and solidarity activities and projects, as well as the implementation of initiatives that contribute to the promotion of equality between men and women, the permanent support for people with special needs, the culture of peace, the sustainable development and the respect for the environment.

Faculty of Sport Sciences

This Faculty has its premise focused on students, since we believe they are the fundament and the raison d’être of our University. The Faculty of Sport Sciences is characterized by the dynamism that the degree itself implies and therefore by features related to Physical Education and Sport, together with a high-level of learning and demanding teachers.

As it is well known, we live in a sedentary society in which many surveys show us the negative results related to the implementation of healthy lifestyle habits among the population. For this reason, we can definitely say that Physical Education and Sport graduates have an important and fundamental role in this. Our commitment is to give our students the qualified, necessary training to face a society that changes and evolves very fast. The data obtained in previous years in the quality surveys of the University itself confirm the high quality of our teaching team, which is composed by highly qualified professionals with a great working and academic experience in the field, always characterized by the standards of excellence and quality. Both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are of a very high quality, with a high number of applications every year, which are always more than the available vacancies.